Here is a list of great resources developed by teachers from the MathTwitterBlogoSphere (MTBoS):

Ambitious Math Instruction

Daily Routines and Activities

  • Estimation 180 – 180+ days of estimation challenges for students to further develop number sense.
  • Would You Rather – A collection of interesting “would you rather” prompts to get students thinking critically in real world contexts.
  • Visual Patterns – A collection of visual patterns to stimulate student’s algebraic thinking.
  • Number Strings – A collection of cognitively constructed arithmetic practice to foster strategic and flexible thinking.
  • Math Arguments 180 – 180+ days of mathematical prompts to get students constructing and critiquing mathematical arguments.
  • Graphing Stories – Contextualized practice with graphing and data analysis
  • Which One Doesn’t Belong – Thought-provoking puzzles to elicit mathematical conversations.
  • Fraction Talks – Simple visuals that foster creative thinking around fractions.


  • Mathalicious – Real world and contextual interactive lesson plans (Grades 6-12) paid
  • Yummy Math – Real world and contextual lesson plans (Grades 3-12) paid
  • Robert Kaplinsky – Real world and contextual lesson plans (Grades K-12) free
  • Michael Fenton – Real world, problem-based, and Desmos lesson plans (Grades 5-12) free
  • Andrew Stadel – Estimation 180 Lessons (Grades 4-8) free
  • Graham Fletcher – 3-act Lessons (Grades K-7) free
  • More Elementary 3-act Lessons (Grades K-8) free
  • Dan Meyer – 3-act Lessons (Grades 3-12) free
  • Kyle Pearce – 3-act Lessons (Grades 3-12) free
  • Jon Orr – 3-act Lessons (Grades 6-12) free
  • Dane Ehlert – 3-act Lessons (Grades 9-12) free


Blended Learning


Other Resources

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