Speaking & Writing




2018 – Making multiplicative reasoning and problem-solving accessible for all students!, NCTM Regional Conference, Seattle

2018 – Creating Access to Mathematics by Eliminating Barriers, California Council of Mathematics – South, Palm Springs

2018 – ShadowCon18, NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington DC

2018 – Reimagining Math Class Through the Lens of Neurodiversity, NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition, Washington DC

2018 – Creating Accessible Mathematics Instruction, Math for America, New York City

2017 – Creating Access to Mathematics by Eliminating Barriers, NCTM Regional Conference, Orlando

2017 – Cognitively Guided Instruction and Students with Disabilities, CGI National Conference 2017, Seattle

2016 – Noticing and Wondering: Unlocking Sense-Making in Elementary & Middle School, INNOV8 Conference: Engaging the Struggling Learner, St. Louis

2016 – Instructional Routines and Accessibility, NYC mini-TMC, New York City

2016 – Making Math Class Accessible For All, Twitter Math Camp, Minneapolis

2016 – Students With Disabilities CAN Do Math, NCTM Annual Meeting & Exposition, San Francisco

2015 – Access & Equity in Math Class for Students with Disabilities, NYSAIS Special Education Conference, New York City

2014 – Can You Show Me Again?: Blended Learning and the Art of Digital Repetition, NYSAIS Teaching with Technology Conference, New York City


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