This is a re-post from the Global Math Department Newsletter from 12/23/14

What do you get when you mix cautious optimism, nervous excitement, math nerds, pedagogical dreamers, and the internet?

The answer: #NYCMathTweetup.

On Friday, December 12th, a group of #MTBoS and Global Math Department teachers and pedagogues combined their love of math, teaching, twitter, and bite-sized food into what could only be described as “like professional development, except, you know, fun!” (Chris Burke, @mrburkemath).

New Visions for Public Schools, a NYC non-profit organization, which is “dedicated to ensuring that all New York City public school students, regardless of race or economic class, have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for the rigors of college and the workforce,” hosted the shindig.  New Visions staff member and prolific blogger David Wees (@davidwees) was the master of ceremonies and led a rousing game of “Does This Suck?” which included such polarizing topics as homework, regents exams, technology in math class, and grouping students by ability.  You can read more from New Visions and see photos of the event here.

The Global Math Department’s own Carl Oliver also blogged about the event and the after party here.

Overall, the first #NYCMathTweetup felt like a success because it brought together local math teachers in a less formal setting than a conference or a typical PD.  Attendees were able to let their hair down and finally tell that math joke they’d been cultivating, but were too embarrassed to tell their non-math teacher friends.

Here are some thoughts about the #NYCMathTweetup from the #MTBoS

“It was so natural talking with all of these people about things we love that we didn’t even use the opening icebreaker!”James Cleveland (@jacehan)

“It was an awesome opportunity to meet with like-minded professionals for productive conversation and fun!”Wendy Menard (@wmukluk)

“So often the scope of what is possible in our classrooms is limited by the bounds of our own imaginations and creativity.  Through the tweetup, I found the inspiration and energy to try new things. Making real-life connections brings the possibilities and partnerships to life!”Abbey Wilson (@absmarie)

“It was a blast!”Justin Lanier (@j_lanier)

Another #NYCMathTweetup is in the works for the springtime, so if you’re a NYC based math educator follow the hashtag for updates!  I hope to see you there!


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